• Mr. Pittman went above and beyond
    Mr. Pittman went above and beyond for my boyfriend who was facing his first super extreme DUI, he not only got his sentence down from 120 possible days to only 9, but also had it dropped to just a extreme with the minimal fine imposed. He knew this was his first offense and wanted to do everything he could to help. He is well worth every penny and even takes his fee in a payments. I highly recommend him and thank him beyond measure. What could of happened, didn’t and we are so grateful!

    - Alli

  • Very well organized & determined!
    Very well organized & determined! Hope I never need to use their number again, but definitely going to keep it on hand!!!

    - Mark

  • I want to express my gratitude to this law firm for being so great.
    I hired this firm to help a very close friend of mine facing serious felony charges, they took my call on a Saturday late in the evening and provided guidance and informed me of all of my friends options. We worked closely with an attorney who had a wealth of experience. He knew what was important and defended my friend very effectively getting us an unbelievably great outcome. I want to express my gratitude to this law firm for being so great.

    - Leah

  • GREATEST lawyer in the world
    Michael Pittman goes beyond above and beyond for his clients and is very aggressive with getting his clients the BEST possible outcome. I say that in such surprise with my case getting dropped from a DUI to wreckless driving. I did NOT think that would happen. This guy knows EXACTLY what to do and what to say to give his clients hope and gets it behind them in a quick manner. I can now move on with my life happily! I wish for nothing but greatness and everything for Michael! He saved my life. Thanks Michael.

    - Jacob

  • I was able to to beat all charges and walk out a free man.
    I had a very difficult case, a case which most would say I'd be in the loosing end of. But with the help of the lawyers at Your Arizona Lawyer, I was able to to beat all charges and walk out a free man. Thank you for all your support during this exhausting situation. But most of all that k you for believing in me and fighting for me. God bless

    - Maria C.

  • They listened to me and said, "We can beat this" and they did!
    Maya and I have our lives back thanks to this legal firm! I was given a court appointed attorney at first and she did nothing, I barely spoke to her throughout the year, and when I did she wanted me to plead to something that I didn't do. I fired her and called Arizona Lawyer here in Tucson and wow, I talked to them more the first few hours than I had the court appointed one all year. They listened to me and said, "We can beat this" and they did! Maya and I have our lives back thanks to this team! I nor my family will never call anyone else but Arizona Lawyer. I trusted them and they came through with their promises! Don't call anyone else, this team is for real!

    - Joseph H.

  • Absolutely Amazing
    Eric, Micheal, and Frank were absolutely amazing. Thank you guys so much. I will definitely recommend!!!!!

    - Elizabeth B.

  • Picking Your Arizona Lawyer was One of the Good Decisions I Ever Made for Myself.
    Picking Your Arizona Lawyer was one of the good decisions I ever made for myself. I had another lawyer wrking on my case who did not always tell me whats up with my Case. I I was worried because my case was very serious to me so I switched to Your Arizona Lawyer. I made my 1stcall to this business at 10pm on a Saturday because I work late in Glendale. Eric was very patient and cool with me as my case was very complicated. Once he patched my through to Attorney Michael Pittman I got the same patience and kindness. They worked on my case for quite a few months, I was offered many plea deals which they told me weren't in my best interest. We finally settled that case and I got 1 day in jail. My other lawyer had asked me to sign up for 1 year. Michael got my plea lowered from 1 year, down to 4 months, and eventually 1 day. It saved my job which is what I care about the mosts.

    - Cornelius D.

  • Super Communication
    He was an amazingly honest, ethical easy to get ahold of lawyer. Every time I had a question, he always took the time to respond to it. He responded to my emails or phone calls sometimes within the hour and no later than the next day - super communication. He worked really hard for me and my case and I feel totally blessed to have him as my lawyer - I would recommend him to anyone who wants a honest, ethical, hard working, easy to communicate with and experienced lawyer. He restored my faith in lawyers ! THANK YOU

    - Acaysha D.

  • Made the best of a bad situation.
    Michael Pittman truly does listen. He is realistic and won't promise you the world. For me he over-delivered and the results were better than expected.

    - David

  • Case dismissed!
    I just found out today (Aug. 3rd, 2017) that my DV assault case has been DISMISSED!!! It has been a long hard road; but Michael was there by my side the entire time. I wasn't the best client due to my emotions during the legal process, but he was always patient, caring, and kind to me. I will never forget the professionalism and the loyalty he had towards my case. He is an angel in disguise and I will always be thankful for what he did for me. He saved my life. Thank you Michael and may God bless you forever and ever. Amen.

    - Tiffany

  • Affordable, Knowledgeable, Compassionate
    My first DUI was a scary situation - I was considered Super Extreme and I had a crash. Thankfully the other person was not hurt badly. My medical problems were scary, but I was thankful to be alive. I didn't want to ask anyone for lawyer recommendations because I didn't want people to know I did this. I found several attorneys online and read through rates and reviews. I called Michael Pittman because he said DUI was his specialty and his office was near me. He returned my call right away (within an hour) and assured me that we would work on this together to help me get the best possible outcome. His prices are reasonable and affordable. He offers a payment plan as well as a discount if you are able to pay in full. He explained the whole process for court and for the MVD. I could hear the confidence in his voice. He met with me at the location of my choice and after meeting him I felt comfortable and safe. He understands the emotional toll this takes on us. He assured my spouse that he would answer questions for both of us. I turned everything over to him and only had to appear in court one time. This helped with my job - I did not have to take off work multiple times. He did all of the research necessary to ensure I my rights had not been violated. He called or texted me every week with updates. He consulted with me about negotiations he was making with the prosecutors and gave me the option to accept each term. Every time I received something in the mail I would send him a scan of the letters and he would explain what they meant to the case. He fought hard for the least amount of punishment possible (jail time, classes, and fines). The court appearance easy because Mr. Pittman prepared me for all of it. I knew what to expect at every turn. He negotiated very well on my behalf. I broke the law - there is only so much that can be forgiven, but I know that I was treated fairly and with dignity. I am working through the sentencing requirements now and Mr. Pittman still answers any question that I have. He will bring you comfort during this difficult time and help you get through it by listening and working on your behalf. He is smart, well versed in these laws, and best of all, he is compassionate and kind.

    - Patricia

  • Excellent service
    Michael helped me on a DUI case. It was my first offence, and as a foreigner, it was a bit stressful process. Michael is very professional and he gave me clear and detailed explanations. I could reach him easily by SMS/phone and he is always helpful, taking the time to explain when I didn't understand. By negotiating a plea agreement, Michael was able to dismiss many of my charges, and reduce the overall burden. He is definitely your best partner if you face such charges.

    - Matt

  • Very Helpful and Patient!
    Michael Pittman was my lawyer in a recent misdemeanor DUI case. He was extremely helpful and patient with all the phone calls and questions I asked through out the process. He was also great at staying in touch with me about everything happening in my case. He set me up with a great payment plan and was flexible as well. I would recommend him to anyone needing an honest and hardworking lawyer!

    - Meaghan

  • Excellent Lawyer
    Micheal Pittman is a good man and a great lawyer! Facing my 2nd DUI, he was able to get my first count dropped and got the court to reduce the DUI to a 1st time offense! Do your self a favor and give Micheal a call and he'll make sure to put your best foot forward! Thanks again Micheal, continue to do great work and help the little guy!

    - DaSean

  • Definitely worth it.
    I was a little skeptical about hiring a lawyer to represent me but I was incredibly stressed & worried about how to proceed so my wife happened to hear about Michael and I could not be more pleased. He made the entire process a lot less of a mental burden and was able to get me the minimum sentence that I wanted. I will be sure to contact him again for any other advice/counsel I may require but (hopefully not) lol. Thanks again for everything!

    - Anonymous

  • Great Lawyer!
    Michael was a great choice for our DUI case! We were very pleased with how he took care of everything when ever we had any questions he never hesitated to answer them. Another thing we loved was that he was always very easy to get a hold of no matter what day of the week it was he would always tell us to not hesitate to give him a call if we needed anything. Thank you Michael!

    - Nancy

  • Amazing guy, highly recommended
    Hiring Micheal as my lawyer was the best decision I could have made after my arrest. He is very knowledgeable and cares for his clients well being, making sure that you are comfortable and up to date with information on your case. He is very attentive and responds almost immediately every time I tried getting a hold of him. Micheal made sure i was always informed and that i was comfortable with the direction the case is going. I would recommend Micheal to friends and family in a heartbeat.

    - Yvan

  • Alive again.
    Well.. To be honest.. Michael is very caring about me as a client. He made me feel better about the whole ordeal. I hated every second before I gave him a call. I read his reviews and decided to call him. He definitely is worth having on your side. He will let you know everything that is going to happen and understands these type of cases very well! He understood I have a very busy life and handled everything himself. He told me to just "keep living your life" and reassured me that "my life was not over". He always updated me on what was going on and how he plans to attack. If you were like me and didn't know the next step, please bite the bullet and spend your money on this very talented guy. Even though he can't guarantee anything, he will fight to give you the best option. Having this lawyer is incredibly better than receiving a court appointed one. I'm an average guy that was going down a bad path and caught a DUI case. Once I hired Mr. Pittman the world made sense again and the stage of getting my mojo back started. I will never get another DUI again, but if I ever have any other court appearance, he will be my go to guy. He is now my lawyer for life! I don't want no one else but him in my corner.

    - Anonymous

  • Would recommend him over anyone else
    Always a fast response to any questions or concerns you'll have, does the best to keep you in the loop with what's going on and where the process is. Very polite and business professional.

    - Autumn

  • Delivered more than expected!
    Michael Pittman is great! He worked with me through the entire process from payment plans to always answering my questions. He was accommodating with coming to me when we needed to meet since I did not have a reliable source of transportation. He was able to accomplish more than expected with my judgement. I knew that he was in my corner the whole time and did his best to make sure that process was as worry free for me as possible. If I ever need legal counsel I will definitely choose Michael Pittman.

    - Anonymous

  • Seamless Experience
    From start to finish Michael was totally professional and kept me informed throughout this legal matter. Everything you would want in a lawyer.

    - Patrick

  • Excellent
    I chose Michael Pittman after speaking with many attorneys after I got my dui. He did a great job with my case. He was upfront in what to expect and how the whole process worked. He was detailed in everything he was going to do in fighting my case. Every week I was given an update and never left out in the blue. If I needed to reach him he was always there and if not he was very quick with his turnaround responses. The outcome of my case was far greater than I expected. I'm glad I contacted Michael Pittman to represent me.

    - Evan

  • Excellent service
    Always stayed in constant contact with me to explain the details of my case. Did a great job to see that i received the minimum charge possible.

    - Anonymous

  • Wonderful experience
    Working with Michael was a wonderful experience. He made me feel as if my case was the most important, kept in constant contact, and explained every question i had thoroughly. Very grateful to have a lawyer that made me feel like a real person instead of just another case. Thanks Michael!

    - Courtney

  • Understanding, Knowledgable, and Caring Attorney
    My Attorney, Michael Pittman, was not only very understanding of my situation, but caring about how I was feeling during the process. He was very attentive to details and kept me informed at all times. Honestly, the best experience I've had with a lawyer, but I hope I won't need his services again.

    - Anonymous

  • Best in the business
    I was arrested for a super extreme DUI. I called about 7 different attorneys. One of the three that called back was Mr. Pittman. Right away he took interest and concern. He gave me his full attention, on a week night at home with his family, and also great advice the first time we spoke. He made my payments affordable and was very understanding. He always checked in with me even if we didn't have a court date for a few weeks out. He was able to push court dates to fit my needs. I was extremely satisfied with his representation. Sentence was reduced by about 90 percent. 3 days in and 11 on house arrest. I honestly thought it was to good to be true. People of Arizona.... If you do unfortunately get arrested for a DUI. This is the guy you want. It's what he does, and is very good at it. Thanks again Michael Pittman!

    - Ben J

  • Highly Recommend
    Michael handled my DUI like a pro. He made made all the difference in my DUI process. I felt completely informed at all times and I always felt comfortable to call or text to ask any questions. If you ever get a DUI this is definitely the person you want representing you!

    - Rachel

  • Very Professional!!
    I hired Michel because I was charged with a super extreme DUI in Feb if 2016. He was extremely professional and always took the time to make sure I understood everything. He was always available unless he was in court and always returned my calls. Anytime he received new information pertaining to my case he reached out and explained everything. His communication skills are stellar and he has very good knowledge of Arizona DUI laws. Michael's friendly and never once seemed annoyed by my gazillion questions regarding my case. Michael would even reach out just to see how I was doing and showed he genuinely cares about his client. I really appreciate all that Michael has done for me and would definitely hire him if I ever needed him again. I would recommend him to anybody. Michael also got me the "bare minimum" for my DUI. I was definitely expecting a whole lot worse due to the aggravating factors in my case. I left court happy and relieved.

    - Greg

  • Personal, Professional, Experienced
    Michael is a personable, knowledgeable legal professional who guided me through the entire DUI process, with reasonable availability and response times, and at a very reasonable, competitive rate. I was mostly aware of every turn of my journey, and knew what to expect -- which was very important to me as a first-time offender.

    - Anonymous

  • I'm glad I found Michael!
    Michael definitely got me the best possible outcome I could get! He walked me through this whole ordeal I got myself into. I couldn't have done it without his great payment plan. He understands that life happens and that hiring an attorney isn't cheap. I'm so glad to have him by my side with everything!!! I would definitely recommend him if you need a great attorney!!

    - Reneegail

  • Wouldn't recommend anyone else but him!
    Where do I start? I was unfortunately one of the many people to get arrested for a dui, thinking my life was over, couldn't sleep, called what seemed like every attorney in the valley, and then was still panicking after talking to them all. I was completely freaking out over all of that PLUS paying money I didn't have to hire an attorney. Thank goodness I Didn't stop and just settle with one of them because they had a good sales speech, and I found Michael. He met with me almost immediately, (drove a good 45 minutes just to meet closer to where I live) explained everything, the process, the different outcomes that could happen, what our plan was going to be. He worked with me with payments, was very helpful, assured me my life was not over, (which it is not, and yours isn't either) and got me the best possible outcome that could have happened. He kept me updated with every detail that happened, texts at least once a week, and he's always available to answer questions, yes even if he's in court you will get a response. Given the circumstances, I couldn't be happier with the way it turned out, and Michael Pittman is the reason for that! Look no further, don't waste another 30 minutes on the phone with yet another attorney, save yourself the time and hire Michael!

    - Anonymous

  • Solid attorney
    I hired Michael to help me with a DUI conviction. He was very thorough, helpful and took an honest and genuine approach. Throughout the process he was available for calls and questions. He was able to get me a great outcome considering the case against me. The only thing he could have done better is get the case dropped but that wasn't going to happen. I recommend him to anyone and believe he's going to work for you. If you choose a large cumbersome firm you may just be another number.

    - Anonymous

  • Life Saver
    Contacting Michael Pittman after my arrest was the best decision I could have made. Given this was my first run in with the law, I was extremely confused and anxious about what to do next. Michael’s incredible knowledge of the system and sincere concern for my well-being and understanding of the legal process made everything less stressful and confusing. He was in constant contact with me to ensure I knew about my court dates and the status of his thorough investigations. He was also available day and night to answer my questions – always replying the same day with the information I needed. Ultimately, his promise to get the best result for me and my family held true as he was able to negotiate a favorable and fair plea that has allowed my life to continue with relatively little interruption. I feel like my situation could have ended up much worse without Michael and while I vow to never need him again, I won’t hesitate to give him a call or recommend him to a friend in the future.

    - Anonymous

  • Great man
    Although I didn't get all the results I wanted to in trial he made me feel very comfortable and important throughout the entire case. I would recommend Michael to anyone.

    - Anonymous

  • Thank You!
    Michael has been an utter blessing during this time. Not only was he able to help me through the legal system, but he has also been supportive and flexible with payment arrangements. I would happily recommend him to anyone. Thanks Michael.

    - Christopher

  • Definitely recommend
    Very helpful, and always answered questions promptly. Stayed in communication a minimum of once a week. I was satisfied with my representation.

    - Devin

  • DUI
    Michael did a great job staying in communication with me and informing me when important dates were. He is honest and upfront which is what you need in a lawyer. He was able to get the minimum sentence for my DUI. Thanks again Michael!

    - Carson

  • Best Lawyer in Arizona
    Michael was truthful from the beginning and moved quickly while keeping constant contact with updates. He was polite and extremely thorough. I could not ask for a better lawyer.

    - Anonymous

  • Knowledgable and helpful
    I am a recent client of Michael Pittman for an extreme DUI. Michael helped my case a great deal with his experience in the field and his ability to select the most appropriate approach to the case and the circumstances. I would highly recommend Michael Pittman as a go-to person for DUI cases

    - Anonymous

  • Fantastic lawyer
    Michael answered all my questions without hesitation. He worked extremely hard to get me the best outcome possible. I would recommend Michael to anyone and everyone.

    - Jim

  • Outstanding Services
    Mr. Michael Pittman is an astounding attorney and gentleman. I currently have two cases open with Mr. Pittman and from the start he has been working diligently not only on my case but myself. He takes the time to call and email me with important dates as well as just checking on his client to make sure i'm not to bombarded with information. I'm outrageously satisfied to call him my attorney for his integrity,work ethic, and drive shows in all aspects of his work.

    - Charles

  • Great Lawyer!
    Helped me through a rough time in my life due to some legal issues. Waked me through it and helped where ever he could. Worked very hard for a good outcome on my case!

    - Brian

  • An attorney who cares
    A few months ago I got myself into another sticky situation. I was fresh out of jail and I caught another charge. I was scared and I did not know what to do, until I came across Michael Pittman. After talking with Mr. Pittman I immediately felt some sense of hope. I have been in trouble quite a bit and I have never met an attorney quite like Michael. He will go above and beyond for you. He actually cares about you rather than just wanting to take your money. Even though I needed an attorney but I knew I could not afford one he was very willing to still work with me by setting up an awesome payment plan tailored to my needs. I have never had an attorney before who just calls you to see how you have been and how your day is going. I highly recommend Mr. Pittmans services to anyone going through a rough time. I am forever grateful and very blessed to have met such an outstanding person. I could not be happier with the outcome of my case.

    - Brandon

  • Outstanding!!
    Mr. Pittman is amazing. Very detailed and hard working. I couldn't have ask for anything more. Mr. Pittman was very helpful in making sure I understood what I was going threw. He was very aggressive throughout the whole process and did everything he could for me. I would recommend him to anyone. Great and personable!

    - Dt


    - Anonymous

  • Above and beyond
    Mr. Michael Pittman came across detailed and aggressive with a sense of urgency and seemed to genuinely want to win case. Would recommend him to anyone who needs support in lawful matters.

    - Anonymous

  • Fights to Win
    I have referred Michael a few clients for criminal case representation. By all accounts, he fights to win and does a great job. He is my go-to criminal attorney referral for potential clients that needs criminal representation.

    - Trail

  • Couldn't have chosen better legal representation!
    When I first needed legal advice, I was slightly panicked and not sure what to expect. Mr. Pittman responded to my request promptly, asked questions, and most importantly, listened. If you are in need of legal representation, I highly recommend reaching out to Mr. Pittman; a great lawyer, and a wonderful person.

    - Anonymous

  • Dilligent & Knowledgable Attorney Who Cares
    Michael Pittman is a diligent and knowledgeable attorney. The legal process can be a daunting experience but I’ve never trusted another attorney as much as I do with Michael. He has been honest about how he could assist me. I am confident that he has his clients best interest at heart and will work hard for them as he has done with me. When I've had legal questions. Michael was patient in explaining the answer in a way that I could understand. Michael has been available when I've needed to contact him and I don't feel like I'm a bother. I highly recommend Michael Pittman as an attorney.

    - Anonymous

  • Shockingly great at what he does. Thank you Mr. Pittman
    Mr. Pittman, I cannot tell you how grateful I am to have had you handle my court case. First off I will say I made the mistake of thinking all attorneys are the same and they can do the same things for me. I initial hired a public defender, that was a mistake I quickly learned. I found Michael Pittman and I was amazed at how professional and courteous he was from our initial consultation all the way through trial. I was amazed and shocked that my charges were so easily dismissed. I could not have been more grateful, I have now learned my lesson. Mr. Pittman is an down to earth and caring attorney and I would highly recommend him to anyone needing an attorney. Honestly if I had to go through everything again he would be the first person I would call. Don't make the mistake I did by hiring a public attorney. If you ever have any troubles call Mr. Pittman and he will take the best care of you.

    - Anonymous

  • Amazing Lawyer! Highly recommended
    When I brought my case to Michael Pittman I immediately knew he was the lawyer for me! He was upfront, honest, caring, and was always available to answer any and all of my questions and hear my concerns. He fought for me when I felt I was at my weakest and most desperate moment. He is extremely knowledgable and enthusiastic. It's obvious from the second you meet him, that he truly cares about his clients. I highly recommend this lawyer!!!

    - Anonymous

  • Yes!
    Mr. Pittman is very knowledgable and knows how to explain things in a sense that I could understand. I never had to try to contact him wondering what was going on he either called me or if I called him he picked up/returned my call right away. Honest, humble, caring and a hard worker.

    - Anonymous

  • An Attorney Who CARES!
    Michael is a trustworthy and reliable attorney. Always returned my calls in a timely manner and was very organized. He's not your typical attorney that just wants to collect your money. He was invested in my case. Overall I was highly satisfied with his work in my divorce!

    - Anonymous

  • Nobody that I trust more
    Michael Pittman is an extremely knowledgeable, talented, and hard working attorney. I trust him more than any other attorney that I have met, and I would refer him to anyone that I know. He was patient with me, responded to my questions timely, and he got me the result that I wanted. He gave me all of the information that I needed to make an informed decision, and kept me informed through the whole process. I could not think higher of Mr. Pittman, or his services.

    - Anonymous

  • I would recommend them to anyone. Great, personable and passionate representation!
    Your Arizona Lawyer is amazing. Very detailed and hard working. I couldn't have ask for anything more. My attorney was very helpful in making sure I understood what I was going threw and kept in contact with me weekly even when there was nothing happening on my case. He was very aggressive throughout the whole process and did everything he could for me. I would recommend them to anyone. Great, personable and passionate representation!

    - Daniel

    Phoenix, AZ
  • He was 100% committed, extremely professional and organized.
    I'm so glad I found and chose Your Arizona Lawyer to help me with my case. I was scared and nervous about what I thought was about to happen. My lawyer was not afraid to defend my rights in my case!! He was 100% committed, extremely professional and organized. He promptly responded to my emails and phone calls and answered all of my questions and explained confusing legal terms to me so that I could understand my case completely! I highly recommend Your Arizona Lawyer to anyone who wants a lawyer that is dedicated and is willing to fight for you!

    - Erica P.

    Phoenix, AZ
  • He was very attentive to details and kept me informed at all times.
    My attorney at Your Arizona Lawyer was very understanding of my situation and helped me get the best possible outcome from what I thought was a hopeless situation. I was overwhelmed with worry and fear for the well being of my children. He not only fought a winning fight but he sincerely cared about how I was feeling during the process. He was very attentive to details and kept me informed at all times.

    - Olivia

    Scottdale, AZ
  • Very grateful to have a lawyer that made me feel like a real person instead of just another case.
    Working with my attorney at Your Arizona Lawyer was a wonderful experience. He made me feel as if my case was the most important, kept in constant contact, and explained every question I had thoroughly. Very grateful to have a lawyer that made me feel like a real person instead of just another case. I highly recommend this firm!

    - Courtney

    Mesa, AZ
  • My attorney was a real bulldog, especially on the most important issues in my case.
    My attorney at Your Arizona Lawyer was a personable, knowledgeable legal professional who guided me through the entire legal process. He knew what he was doing and made sure I was aware of all the ins and outs of my case all the way through and at a very reasonable, competitive rate. I would highly recommend them to help you with ANY legal matter. My attorney was a real bulldog, especially on the most important issues in my case.

    - Allan

    Glendale, AZ